Instructional Services

SES Providers


These organizations are not associated with Morongo Unified School district but are acting as independent contractors providing a tutoring service.  They are approved by the California Department of Education.  Listed below is the criteria for student participation.

  1. Parents/guardians choose from among different types of services.
  2. Priority is given to students of academic and socio-economic needs.
  3. The parents/guardians are responsible to provide transportation to and from sessions.  Sessions may not occur during regular school hours.
  4. Students may attend these services as long as their home school remains a Program Improvement School.
  5. Eligibility is determined on a student-by-student basis and by greatest need.  Parents must fill out one application for each eligible student in the family.
  6. Parents are not required to have their child(ren) participate; it is an option.