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October 2014

Vision, Mission in our School District

The Morongo Unified School District is staffed with a team of employees who work together to attain the highest level of student achievement possible. However, for that to occur, our District must have a unified Vision and Mission to accomplish that task. One of my goals for the month of October is to communicate this work with all our stakeholders and fine tune our
efforts. Please take some time to review our district vision and join us in pursuing these critical endeavors. Yes, we need you, our community, to provide input and participate in your child’s education.

Thank you for taking the time to become involved, as our parents and community members are critical to accomplishing our educational mission.


Our Vision

Every student graduates prepared for college/career empowered to become a productive citizen in society.

Our Mission

Our mission at MUSD, where students always come first, is to ensure that all students have a rigorous, high-quality education which empowers them with twenty-first century skills, enabling them to be successful in college, career, and society.


Our Invitation

Parents are encouraged to participate with their children in learning experiences – at home, in school, and in the community – that promote academic success, reinforce the curriculum, and develop social responsibility. We encourage parents/guardians to serve on committees formed to plan, implement, and evaluate programs, to volunteer in the schools, to participate in conferences concerning their child’s progress, to observe their child’s instructional program, and to attend student performances, parent meetings, and meetings of the Board of Education. We appreciate the interest parents show by taking the time to visit their student’s school and classroom, and we encourage such visits. Please try to call ahead so that the school can make any necessary arrangements. As part of our school safety requirements, all visitors are required to sign in at the office and obtain a visitor’s badge. (BP 6020, BP 5145.6)


Tom Baumgarten

Interim Superintendent

New Student Information System

Morongo Unified School District changed to a new Student Information System this year.  A Portal for student access has recently opened for students to view their grades, take online assessments, and view attendance.  The Student Portal can be found at https://musd.illuminatehc.com/auth#tabs-student.  We are currently asking the parents to work with their children through the Student Portal until the Parent Portal becomes operational. 

The District is close to completing the Parent Portal configuration for parents to view their child’s current grades and attendance.  The new Parent Portal will offer more detailed information about your student’s class progress and assignments.  In the future the District will be mailing out access codes to allow parents to create portal accounts.  The link to the new Parent Portal can be found at https://musd.illuminatehc.com/auth#tabs-parent.  A link to each portal will be available on the MUSD website as well as on each school’s webpage.  We apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused.   



Local Control and Accountability Plan Needs Assessment Survey
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Published: 11/13/14

Measure O Bonds Citizen’s Oversight Committee
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Published: 7/31/14

Smarter Balanced Practice Test
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