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April, 2015

April marks the transition from the winter months to the spring season. This new season brings longer days and increased activity on many fronts. The fast-paced daily lives we live can sometimes cause us to lose track of the critical necessities for our students. The Morongo Unified School District is alive and full of activity to support the growth of students. This is reflected in our mission and vision statements, which I will highlight.

        Our Mission
Our mission at MUSD, where students always come first, is to ensure that all students have a rigorous, high-quality education which empowers them with twenty-first century skills, enabling them to be successful in college, career, and society.

                                           Our Vision
Every student graduates prepared for college/career empowered to become a productive citizen in society.

The district is also committed to ensuring our schools and buses are as safe as possible. The district has just finished installing cameras on all First Student buses to support student safety. Please remind your students that attending school every day is one essential key for their future success. Installing these cameras on all district buses will help to increase the safety of students and ensure the trip is completed in a manner that creates an environment that allows the driver to focus on driving.

We continue to strive to use technology to support both the safety and learning of students. As we continue to expand our use of technology, your support is essential to encourage life-long learners. Preparing our students for the jobs of the future requires the use of innovative practices combined with the development of a strong work ethic. The district greatly appreciates your involvement as parents and community members to support that process.

Thank you and I look forward to our continued partnership.

Tom Baumgarten
District Superintendent

New Student Information System

Morongo Unified School District changed to a new Student Information System this year.  A Portal for student access has recently opened for students to view their grades, take online assessments, and view attendance.  The Student Portal can be found at https://musd.illuminatehc.com/auth#tabs-student.  We are currently asking the parents to work with their children through the Student Portal until the Parent Portal becomes operational. 



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Posted by: Raymond Asejo
Published: 7/31/14