Attendance and SARB

Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) 

It is the goal of Morongo Unified School District that all students attend school a minimum of 90-95% of the time. Missing school two days a month reduces your student’s attendance rate to 90%; missing 4 days a month decreases the rate to 80%. 

  • School Attendance Review Teams (SART) monitor student attendance at school sites. They make referrals to SARB when contracts or strategies utilized at the school site are not helping to improve attendance.

  • When referred to SARB, you will meet as an individual family with the SARB panel. The Panel consists of school officials, resource personnel from the community, probation officer(s), and the Deputy District Attorney in charge of truancy.

  • SARB panel meetings are designed to find out and understand why a student is not coming to school, has declining attendance, or has an unacceptable number of tardies to school or class.

  • Families may be asked to sign a SARB contract that will spell out the roles of the student, parents, and school district in attendance improvement.

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