Maintenance and Operations

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the Maintenance and Operations Division, a key component of the Business Services Team, is to provide the support and services necessary to ensure the school environment is conducive to student learning and improved academic performance. We are committed to providing safe, clean, well-maintained, functional, and aesthetically pleasing facilities for the students and staff members, as well as visitors and our community as a whole.

Through preventive and routine maintenance, renovation, and refurbishment, Maintenance and Operations:

  1. extends the useful life of our facilities and equipment;

  2. maximizes operational effectiveness by minimizing service disruptions and system failures; and

  3. maintains and improves the aesthetic qualities of our facilities.

We work continuously to develop, implement, and execute preventive maintenance programs and ensure maintenance is completed as scheduled. In addition, we have established long range plans to maintain facilities and equipment in the most economical manner.

Our employees are extremely talented and skilled. We are proud of what they have been able to accomplish over the years through their collaboration, cooperation, and "TEAMWORK." The level of service and expertise provided by each of these Departments is no less than extraordinary.

The Division is comprised of the following individual, but closely related Departments as follows:

  • Custodial Trades Department

  • Grounds Department

  • Maintenance Department


Phone: (760) 367-9191
Fax: (760) 367-1041

David Daniels
Director of Maintenance & Operations
Office: -- x 4231

Heather Buracchio
Administrative Assistant
Office: -- x 4231