Department Information

Information Technology

As a part of the Business Services Team, the Information Systems Department is charged with providing and maintaining computerized management information systems for the Morongo Unified School District. These systems include the Illuminate Student Database system, several inter-district applications, the District's web site, the District and sites infrastructure management, SIS data management, storage management, phones, and email systems.

We are responsible for monitoring all internet and email access from district computers. The Morongo Unified School District is fully compliant with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

We also maintain support for all servers, computers, laptops, tablets, projection devices, teaching technology, district Wi-Fi, network video recording systems, and network infrastructure. We are responsible for over 10,000 student and staff accounts, data, and profiles. We support a large rural geographic area that consists of 22 sites.  

The department connects all schools and classrooms through its high-capacity wide area network using state of the art networking equipment.

To effectively use the available resources to assist students in obtaining a high-quality education is our overall goal.

The Information Technology Department consists of a full-time Director, a Student Information Systems Administrator, an Information Systems Specialist, an Administrative Assistant, a Student Information Systems Technician and four I.T. Support Specialists.

Student Information Services

Ensuring students are on track to graduate
Illuminate, our student information system, stores important student information such as course completion, attendance, and grades.
Data and reports are prepared for teachers, site leaders, and district leaders to ensure programs are supporting student needs.

Informing, Teaching and Learning
Assessing student learning and providing reports to teachers and site leaders helps evaluate and plan what students are learning in classrooms.
Using data helps teachers review the effectiveness of their instructional practice in their classroom.

Ensuring students and their families are informed
Parents can monitor student attendance, homework, assessments, grades and more via the ParentVUE

Listening to the needs of our students, staff, and community
Surveys gather important information about student academic interests, perceptions of our schools, and students’ post-secondary plans.

Improving Planning and Decision Making
The SIS team uses the Cycle of Continuous Learning and Improvement to guide our progress.  One of the key components of the CCLI is having information to make informed decisions.
Assessment results from tests like the, PSAT, ACT/SAT, and CAASPP help school and district leaders plan school schedules and planning for staffing needs.

We are responsible for reporting, maintaining and obtaining the student identifiers through the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data Systems (CALPADS).