The Mission of the Fiscal Service Department is to effectively manage budgetary resources of the district in support of the Board approved Strategic plan that ties to the district Strategic plan.

To fulfill the mission, the Fiscal Service Department provides site management and administration with objective, accurate and timely information and analysis to inform sites and administration in the decision making process and adhere to the board approved Strategic plan.

The Fiscal Service Department works with sites and administration in guiding the annual budgetary process, assessing ongoing budget and planning issues, and establishes and monitors controls over fund allocations.

The Fiscal Service Department provides decision support through analysis, research and data reporting analyzing and forecasting.

Contact Us

Faith Segovia
Director Of Fiscal Services
Office: 760-367-9191 x 4266

Valerie Paulus
Budget Analyst
Office: 760-367-9191 x 4253

Heather Stewart
Budget Analyst
Office: 760-367-9191 x 4214

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