Surplus & Obsolete Property Information

Surplus property is property the school site (sites) or district departments no longer have a need for, but it is still in usable condition (it's just extra). Obsolete property is property that is no longer usable by the site or a department due to age and/or overall condition. Sites have both surplus and obsolete property that purchasing picks up, and attempts to re-allocate to other sites throughout the district. We have 17 school sites, and numerous District Office departments, that the property would be offered to first. Once offered to sites, if there are no takers, then we will post it for public sale at the Public Surplus website, an auction site specifically for public entities to sell their surplus and obsolete property.

We also maintain a list of Non-Profit organizations that we donate property to. All computers (once deemed obsolete), are considered electronic waste (e-Waste) and are disposed of through a California Certified Recycler under the California Integrated Waste Management program. If interested in seeing what the district is selling, please visit he Public Surplus website.  If you are a Non-Profit organization with a 501(c)(3) number, issued by the State of California and are interested in being included for donations, simply send a request on letterhead, with your non-profit number listed, and the types of items you're looking for. As we come across items, we often refer back to that list to see if it's something worth donating, once approved, that donation can proceed. Your letter can be sent to: Morongo Unified School District, Attn: Marilyn Waters, Director of Purchasing, PO Box 1209, 29 Palms, Ca 92277.