Doing Business with MUSD

What Role Does Purchasing Play In The District?

The Purchasing Department is responsible for all purchases made on behalf of the Morongo Unified School District. Employees may not order from a supplier/vendor without first obtaining an approved Purchase Order from the Purchasing Department. The supplier/vendor should not allow purchases to be made without receiving a printed, numbered purchase order. If a purchase order number is given, please contact the Purchasing Department to verify the validity of the number. To process an order without an authorized Purchase Order could result in a "Donation to Public Education". Purchases made in the name of the District without an authorized Purchase Order, shall be considered an obligation of the person making the purchase and NOT an obligation of the District.  

Bid Procedures: Formal bid procedures are governed by Public Contract Code Section(s) 20110-20118.4, and apply to all goods, materials, equipment, and services over $109,300.00 and to all Public Works (construction projects) over $15,000.00. Bid specifications are prepared jointly by the Purchasing Department and the project management department (Maintenance, Facilities and/or the IT Department). Notices are placed on the Purchasing Department website and in both area newspapers at a minimum.  Verbal or written quotations may be secured from vendors for Equipment and Supplies up to $109,300.00 or any Public Works project up to $15,000.00.  The Morongo Unified School District has elected to become subject to the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA). The District invites all licensed contractors to submit information for inclusion on the District’s list of qualified bidders to the Purchasing department annually.

The High Desert Star and The Desert Trail are the legal newspapers of record for the Morongo Unified School District for all advertised bids. Bids are published once a week for two consecutive weeks, at least five (5) days apart in the Legal Section. Bid packets are available from the Purchasing Department, 5715 Utah Trail, 29 Palms, Ca, or by calling 760.367.9191 ext. 4260. Sealed bids are publicly opened at this same location at the time indicated in the bid specifications. No bid may be received after the bid opening time. Suppliers/vendors, while not required, are invited to attend the bid opening. 

Results of the bid opening and bid tabulations are available within 24 hours after the bid opening at the following website or by calling 760.367.9191 ext. 4260, or emailing: Email Karen Stevens. Award of contracts in accordance with Board Policy for the Morongo Unified School District, are awarded to the lowest, most responsible bidder on the basis of:

  • The monetary amount of the bid.

  • The bidder's experience and reputation for satisfactory work, judgment and integrity.

  • The bidder's facilities, equipment and skill for performing the contract.

  • The extent to which the bid and bidder meets the requirements and specification.

  • Projected costs to the District.

  • Projected impact on the educational process as well as the operational efficiency.

  • Available budgeted funds.

  • Applicable laws and statutes.

Right to Accept or Reject: The Morongo Unified School District reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals or to waive any irregularities in any proposal.

F.O.B. Destination/Delivery:
All quotes and bids shall be submitted FOB Destination/Delivery. In the event the District agrees to pay freight costs, the supplier/vendor shall prepay freight and add it to the invoice. The District will not accept any goods that are not FOB Destination. Even if the District agrees to pay freight charges, the supplier/vendor still retains the responsibility of ensuring the goods are delivered in a condition acceptable to the District, and the District DOES NOT take ownership of the product, until it's reached our Receiving Warehouse, and has been signed for.

How the District Pays:

Delivery : All shipments to the Morongo Unified School District shall be made in a timely manner to the District Receiving Warehouse, located at 5715 Utah Trail #1209, 29 Palms, Ca 92277. All packages must reflect the purchase order number on the label for ease of processing.

Invoicing : A separate invoice for each purchase order is required. The District does accept partial deliveries and will accept multiple invoices per order if necessary.

Submit all invoices via email to: Email Accounting.

Please do not mail invoices to the requesting department. To do so may delay payment. 

Invoices must show: (1) Morongo Unified School District purchase order number; (2) complete description of goods or service provided; (3) quantity; (4) unit prices and extensions; (5) discount terms; (6) invoice number; and (7) supplier/vendor business name.

Payment Terms: The Morongo Unified School District has a Net-30 payment policy. Payment will be made within 30 days of the date of the invoice.

Ethical Principles: The Purchasing Department will consider the interest of the District first in all transactions and will ensure compliance with all Morongo Unified School District Board Policies and Procedures. All transactions and suppliers/vendors will be treated objectively and without bias or favoritism. No gifts or other gratuities will be accepted directly or indirectly from suppliers.

The department encourages and welcomes competitive bidding in order to obtain goods and services at the lowest possible cost, and to provide all interested suppliers with an equal opportunity to offer their products and services to the District.

If you are a supplier/vendor of instructional supply and materials, as well as services that might be contracted for, and would like to introduce yourself and your products or services to the district, you can do so by registering at the following link: Vendor Registration. No orders will be placed until a site or department has a need for the product or service. Orders cannot be placed with vendors without an authorized Purchase Order being issued, sites and departments can obtain quotes from vendors with no commitment from the District.

Vendors can introduce themselves and their products and/or services to the district.

Purchasing/Warehouse Contacts

Karen Stevens
Director of Purchasing
760.367.9191 ext. 4260  

Renee Recker
Account Clerk, Purchasing
760.367.9191 ext. 4258  

Jay Camacho
Warehouse Lead
760.367.9191 ext 5101